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How To Choose A Senior Placement Service

Are you looking for that perfect new home for your parents or spouse to live? Maybe you’re a couple searching for the next chapter in life? As people grow older, they may require a more supported living environment. While you may be able to provide this yourself, you and your older relatives may appreciate a senior living environment where they have neighbors with similar interests and life experiences.. If you’re looking for a quality senior living residence but are feeling overwhelmed with all the choices, partnering with a good senior placement service can make this difficult decision so much more manageable. 

What are Senior Placement Services?

Senior placement services are provided by care professionals who support you and your family in choosing the best living arrangements for your senior loved ones. These professional teams will help you navigate the complex choice through education, expertise, and compassion to prepare everyone for this exciting next step. 

Benefits Of A Senior Placement Agency

A senior placement agency takes the weight off your shoulders of making the difficult decision to choose a senior residence. But, that’s just one of the benefits of a senior placement agency. Here are some more great reasons to work with us: 

  • You’ll know all your options. While a simple internet search can bring you some of the best options in your area, a professional senior placement agency truly knows every option possible. They also probably know which option is best for your individual, unique situation. 
  • Personal relationships with care facilities. Senior Placement team members are industry professionals. That means they are familiar with senior residences and often have personal relationships with those administrative staff.  They seek to vet properties prior to offering them as options so that you know you are seeing the best options for you and/or your loved one.
  • Help with paperwork: Senior placement agencies can assist you with all necessary paperwork for your new home and work alongside you and the new residence to ensure a smooth transition occurs. 
  • Follow-up services: Placement agency team members will check in on your new living arrangements and ensure that everything is up to satisfaction.

How To Choose A Senior Placement Service

While senior placement services provide extensive benefits, not every placement service is the same. Some are much more qualified, respected, and legitimate than others. Here are some things you should look for when choosing a senior placement service: 

  • Check staff credentials,certifications, and Department of Health Surveys.
  • Ensure that their staff are full-time employees and not contractors.
  • Ask for personal stories or experiences from your peers or check online reviews. 

Schedule a Call with Our Senior Care Experts 

At All About You Placement, we have a team of senior care experts who are committed to your comfort, peace of mind, and budget. We’re a privately owned placement service that employes teammates, not contractors. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience in the senior healthcare industry and we set high standards for our team so that you can get the absolute best experience possible. 

There are many reasons that people delay making these difficult decisions. But, making the decision today, it will set you up for a better tomorrow. Getting started with our team at All About You Placement is simple. We’ll help you make the right decision  and ensure a higher quality of life for your or your loved ones. To get started, schedule a call with one of our senior care experts today.