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Types Of Senior Care In Arizona

Get Peace Of Mind When Choosing Your Senior Care Option

There are several types of senior care, and knowing which one is right for you as you begin this next phase in life is vital to choosing the best option. Our unique senior care assessment process will make this easy. Below is a list of the types or levels of senior care available to you in Arizona.

What Is Senior Care?

The term “Senior Care” encompasses a wide range of services designed to improve seniors’ quality of life. This can include medical and assistive care as well as entire living communities designed to create peace of mind, medical care, and social living.

Types Of Senior Care

Your next chapter is about to begin, and there is a great place to start depending on your individual needs. Here are the types of senior care that All About You Placement can help you find:

  • Independent Living: Independent living communities provide an apartment-like experience for seniors who don’t need medical assistance. These places offer amenities, social events, meals, and more.
  • Assisted Living & Memory Care: Assisted Living and Memory Care communities provide a 24/7 care experience for seniors who require medical assistance or care.
  • Assisted Living and Memory Care homes also provide a sense of community similar to Independent Living centers. While both focus on a social model and engaging individuals in both their care as well as social activities, Memory Care Communities programming focuses on the unique needs that present with a memory impairment.
  • Adult Day Programs: Adult day programs offer social, recreational, nutritional, and physical services to seniors. They also support families by offering care during weekdays and typical working hours. Transportation to and from the program is often an option.
  • In-Home Care: In-home care is a great option for seniors who simply need some assistance with daily tasks without a change in living location. Our placement specialists can provide resources for many in-home care services such as:
    1. Assistance with grooming and meals
    2. Medical care such as therapy and rehabilitation
    3. Transportation to and from doctor appointments
    4. Companionship and welfare and safety checks
    5. Respite care for caregivers
  • Respite Care: Respite Care provides short-term services for primary caregivers. Respite Care is most often provided outside of the home in a licensed, community setting for typically up to 30 days in length, depending upon the community. Once the time of the respite care is up, the individual returns to their home setting.
  • Hospice Care: Hospice Care is for those clients facing an incurable illness and not wishing to take an aggressive approach to their care. It provides the client with the care, comfort, and dignity while providing support to their family as well. Patients have the right to choose the Hospice agency they want and the care/support provided takes place wherever the patient calls home (i.e. private home, assisted living, skilled nursing home, etc.). Hospice care address all components of life to include, but not limited to: medical, social, psychological, emotion and spiritual.

Which Type Of Senior Care Is Right For You?

Talk to our team today to find the right type of senior care for you. Our team and unique assessment process will help you find the right place, at the right budget. We will be there with you every step of the way from our first conversation all the way through and after your move.
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