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6 Reasons To Move To Arizona for Senior Living

With the recent hurricane that fell upon Florida, we have begun receiving calls from families looking to find Senior Living options in Arizona. Our team is here to help you make that transition to Arizona. In addition to the absence of hurricanes — or weather in general — there are several reasons to move to Arizona for Senior Living. But let’s first look at what is involved in making that move.

Choosing The Right Senior Living In Arizona

There are several types of Senior Living in Arizona. Choosing the right one can be challenging. But the good news is that you have a team of trusted Senior Care experts to help. Starting with an assessment, we’ll find the right place for the right budget.

6 Reasons To Move To Arizona For Senior Living

In addition to being a world-wide destination for tourists — your family is likely to visit! — Arizona is a great place to move to for Senior Living. These reasons include the following.

  1. Tax Breaks. Arizona is easy on the taxes that matter to seniors. There is no tax on Social Security, gifts, estates, or inheritance. This can have a noticeable impact on those on a fixed income.
  2. Our Senior Population. Nearly 20% of Arizona’s population are seniors over 65 years old. That is over a million people just like you and a significant block of voters.
  3. Cost of Living. While Arizona’s cost of living has increased with its population, it is still considered one of the best places to retire.
  4. Activities. Arizona is a state filled with Senior-friendly activities, from beautiful scenery, easy hikes,  to breathtaking landscapes. And if golf is your thing, we have some of the best courses with year-round play.
  5. Health. The dry, arid climate is great for many health conditions.
  6. Weather. We mentioned that Phoenix doesn’t really have weather, per se. But if snow is what you want, it’s just a trip up the hill to Flagstaff to get it. If you’re looking for beach weather, you have Mexico (4 hours) and San Diego (6 hours) within a day’s drive.


We Make The Move To Arizona Easy

We are here to hold your hand through the entire process of finding you the best place to live here in Arizona. We’ll begin by getting to know your needs and wants. We’ll take you on tours of the properties that fit those needs — as well as your budget. We’ll help you determine how to best manage your funds and protect your assets.. And we’ll help coordinate the move — even from Florida.

So, if you’re ready to get out of the path of hurricanes and tornadoes, we can help you with your move to Arizona for Senior Living.

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